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    COVID-19: How to work safely in Care Homes

    • COVID-19: How to work safely in Care Homes

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    Lets get started

    • When should you wash your Hands?

    • We don't have cases of COVID-19 in our home. Do I still need PPE?

    • COVID-19: putting on and removing PPE – a guide for care homes (video)

    • Putting on (donning) personal protective equipment (PPE)

    • Taking off (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE)

    • What PPE do I need when I am providing care in direct contact with a resident?

    • What PPE do I need if I am within 2 meters of a resident, but not in direct contact

    • What PPE do I need if I am in Communal areas?

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    Frequently Asked Questions for personal protective equipment (PPE) in care homes in the context of sustained COVID-19 transmission in the UK

    • What should I do if we have a supply shortage of PPE and I am unable to follow this guidance?

    • What is meant by sustained transmission of COVID-19?

    • Is PPE required in my care home when none of our residents have symptoms of COVID-19?

    • How does PPE protect me?

    • Do I need to do anything else to protect myself and others in addition to wearing PPE?

    • Why is PPE needed for all care, not just when caring for residents with symptoms?

    • Why are you recommending continuous use of face masks and eye protection until my break?

    • Are there circumstances when I should replace my face mask or eye protection before my break?

    • Why are you not referring to a “session” in this guidance?

    • When can I re-use PPE?

    • What is a risk assessment and who does this?

    • What is the “extremely vulnerable group” and “shielding” and what do I need to do?

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    Case studies

    • Case study 1

    • Case Study 2

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    Confirmation of completion

    • Check your understanding

    • Do you feel confident working safely in a care home during COVID-19?